WEX MOBILE GAME : New indian battle royale game – release date & download links

WEX MOBILE GAME:- India’s brand new battle royale game named ‘Wex mobile’ ready to compete with popular games free fire and pubg mobile, today we will get every important information about new indian battle royale game Wex mobile with release date & how we can download it, so let’s get started.

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According to developers, WEX mobile battle royale game will be expected to launch in January 2022, recently trailer of this upcoming game has been released on youtube, you can hit on button below to watch trailer.


WEX (mobile) is a massive open world multiplayer Battle Royale game for mobile, which is being developed by 2 Indian Game Engineers using Unreal Engine 4. It will set to launch between December 2021 – March 2022. The game will feature a huge 64 sq. km. (8km x 8km) Indian map, bringing all the realism – including 9 Major Rivers, States, and one popular tourist place in almost every state, which might be a great way to keep our players engaged with the diversity that our country has.


Top features of WEX GAME

1. 8 × 8 Huge india map
2. 9 major & known rivers & states of india
3. 1 famous turist place in every state
4. Emotes & dances based on Indian culture
5. 28+ weapons to use in battle royale


The plans to build WEX, started as soon as PUBG Mobile was banned, which resulted in a huge rage in Indian Gaming Community. IGC (Indian Gaming Community) has always been looking for an alternative Battle Royale, which will refresh all the memories they used to have while playing PUBG mobile, also providing similar or even better gaming experience.

Since, it is a big responsibility – to deliver a level of gaming experience, which would enable players to enjoy as well as experience a fluid gameplay (which has always been missing in most of the multiplayer games developed in India) – we’d make sure to take all our time, and deliver a Robust and a Well Made game.

Wex Mobile For android & ios

There is high chance that wex mobile will directly get launched on play store & app stores for the easy access to the all players, however we have to wait till January 2022 when game are set to for the launch.

Here is the WEZ MOBILE official site and youtube channel. For more checkout our website.

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