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Top 3 Games:- So guys in this article we tell you top 3 games like pubg mobile so read full article carefully to know everything.

Rules of Survival

It is a free to play multiplayer online battle royale game developed and published by NETEASY games. The game has reached 230 million players worldwide.

Game release details

As of May 30, 2018, the game released on Steam. Unlike the free non-Steam version, however, the game was released with a price tag, offering “special gifts” with the purchase. The game was later taken down from Steam by June 13, 2018, and reinstated by June 28, 2018.

Game map, modes and ability

Rules of Survival follows the standard form of the battle royal, where players fight to be the last person (or team) alive. Players can choose to enter the match in different modes: Solo, Duo, Squad (four players), or a Fireteam (five players). In either case, the last person or team left alive wins the match.

There are two playable maps in the game: Ghillie Island (120 players, 4.8km×4.8km), and Fearless Fiord (300 players, 8km×8km). There are also different game modes such as the Gold Mode, in which the player can earn gold or the Diamond.

The introduction of the Fearless Fiord game map introduces a new type of match. The Blitzkrieg in which players will land only on a certain part of the map equipped with a pistol, a backpack, and basic armor. Blitzkrieg meant to make players clash head-on

At the completion of each round, players will receive In-game money based on survival length. The number of players killed by the player, and the players’ level. The currencies can then used to purchase a supply box containing Cosmetic items for character or weapon customization.

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Call of Duty: Mobile

Top 3 Games

Call of Duty: Mobile is a Free to play Shooter video game developed by TiMi studios and published by Activision and Garena for Android and iOS.

Game release details

It released on October 1, 2019. The game saw one of the largest mobile game launches in history, generating over US$327 million with 250 million downloads by June 2020.

Call of Duty: Announced in March 2019, with TiMi studios, a subsidiary of Tencent games, leading development. Many of the game’s features revealed at this announcement, promising a familiar experience for fans of the console games. The aim of the game was to take familiar aspects from the franchise’s previous games and allow users to access them from their mobile devices.

Game map, modes and ability

It features two in-game currencies, as well as a Battle Pass. On July 18/2019, a Soft launch began in Canada and Australia, and the game officially released in most other regions in October 1/2019.

Call of Duty: Mobile features many playable characters, maps, and game modes from previous games in the series. Different control settings included catering to the player’s preferences. A “zombies” game mode added to the game in November 2019.

This game mode follows the classic Call of Duty Zombies “survival” formula where the player fights off endless waves of zombies, aiming to survive as long as possible. A “Raid” mode also included where the player must defeat a set amount of waves of zombies before encountering one of two final bosses.

Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies mode removed on 25/March/2020 due to the game mode not meeting Activision’s standards. However, Activision stated that it might be brought back in a later update.

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Garena Free Fire

Top 3 Games

Garena free fire is a Battle Royale game and developed by 111 Dots Studio and published by Garena for Android and iOS. It became the most downloaded mobile game globally in 2019. Due to its popularity, the game received the award for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google play store in 2019. As of May 2020, Free Fire has set a record with over 80 million daily active users globally. As of November 2019, Free Fire has grossed over $1 billion worldwide.

Tais Carvalho of TechTudo commented that Free Fire “prioritizes performance, making it a great choice for any type of device. The gameplay stands out and has enough content to entertain and offer rewarding combat. Regarding the progression of characters and skills. She said it is a flashy add-on to the Google play annual list of Best Apps of the Year. Free Fire won in the Best Popular Vote Game category of 2019 being the most publicly voted in Brazil and Thailand.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale mobile games, behind PUBG Mobile, Fortnite battle royale, and call of duty mobile.

Free Fire was the fourth most downloaded game on the Google play store in 2018. The fourth most downloaded game worldwide in 2018 on iOS and the Google Play Store together. The title earned approximately 182 million downloads in 2018, making it the second most downloaded battle royale mobile game above Fortnite battle royale. Pubg mobile and grossed approximately $19.3 million in monthly revenues through December 2018, becoming a significant financial success for Garena. As of February 2020, Free Fire has 500 million downloads on the Google play store.

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My Opinian

The graphics described as having “a benefit for mid and low-end phones. But a reviewer stated that if games with good graphics are your thing. Then we don’t recommend that you play Free Fire Battlegrounds. But if you like battle royale games and want to have fun with your friends, you should definitely play.

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