Sigma Battle Royale Apk Download In Android ( Free Fire Lite)

Sigma Battle Royale Apk:- Do you also want to download the Sigma Battle Royale game which is also known as Free Fire Lite? Then you have come to the right place. After reading this article and after seeing it thoroughly, all your problems will be solved. All of you can download and play comfortably Sigma battle royale game while living in India.

Sigma Battle Royale Apk Information

Sigma Battle royale Apk

Sigma Battle Royale is a recently launched game, which is very similar to Free Fire. It was released on PlayStore, but now it is removed from there because it’s graphicsgame play and all was similar to Free Fire.

Apk NameSigma Battle Royale Apk / Sigma BR
File Size280 MB
Last Update 27th November 2022
Apk Version 1.0.0
Supporting Devices Android 5+

Sigma Battle Royale Game Features

  • Stylized Graphics:
    • Immerse yourself into this creative and stylized survival world. Be careful, it is more dangerous than your imagination.
  • Unique Survival Shooter Experience:
    • Easy-to-use controls promise the unforgettable survival experience you will find on mobile.
  • Classic Battle Royle:
    • 10 minutes, 50 players, fast-paced and lite gameplay.
    • You will fight against 49 other players. Carry out your creative battle tactics and be the last one standing.
  • 4v4 Fight Out:
    • Allocate resources, purchase weapons and outlast the enemies.
    • 7-min match, Squad v.s. Squad in all the creative maps.

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How To Download Sigma Battle Royale Apk Version 1.0.0 In Android

Follow all the steps given below carefully to download the Sigma Battle Royale APK.

  1. First of all download the Latest Version of Sigma Battle Royale APK by clicking on below download button.
  1. Once the APK is successfully downloaded, install it on your device.
  2. Once your Sigma Battle Royale APK is installed, open it and allow whatever permissions it asks for.
  3. After doing this, your game will open successfully. Login to it with your Facebook account and then enjoy the Sigma Battle Royale game.

Is Sigma Battle Royale Apk Available For Ios?

Sigma Battle Royale Apk is not available for Ios. It was removed from the Play Store as soon as it came on the Play Store because it seemed to be a duplicate version of Free Fire. That’s why this game has become very popular among the people.

We should Try Sigma Battle Royale Apk?

Sigma Battle Royale game as soon as launched on play store. There was so much chaos among the people that people have started feeling. Free Fire is back once again. With a new name and a new avatar. But this is not Free Fire. There is another game like Free Fire, that’s why it was removed from the Play Store. If you haven’t tried it yet, try it once. If you like it then play it, otherwise uninstall this game.

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