Season 16 Royal Pass Giveaway

We have Surprise for you, I am giving Pubg mobile 10 royal pass of season 16. Royale Pass Giveaway from Dark Squad Gaming. All you need to do Follow the Guide. And also, make sure you take Each and every step. If you not follow any step or miss any step then you won’t be counted. So follow each and every step carefully

Scroll down to enter our Giveaway.

Here a 2 Method for you to participate in the season 16 royal pass giveaway

Method 1

Basically, you have to Install one App on which you can get free 600UC. As a result, you can buy a Royale pass from the app money. Thus, all you need to do Download the app and Use our Code. code is “abhqvx769”, by using this referral code you can get a 50Rs instant bonus. You can share your referral code after installing the app and get 35-50Rs per share. The more you share your referral code, the more you get Free Money. Click on the below button to download the App. Don’t forget to use our Referral code “abhqvx769” to instantly get 50Rs.

Mathod 2 how to enter royal giveaway

Notice:- follow each and every step carefully if you miss any step then you won’t be counted in the royal giveaway.

Step 1: Go below and click on the “Participate Giveaway” Button to enter the Royale Pass Giveaway. It’s Free you don’t need anything for it Just follow the steps carefully.

Step 2: When you click on the button it will take you to another window, The giveaway Page. Don’t close the window it’s important for next steps.

Step 3: On the New, Window click on the “Verify” button. Now it will open a new window.

pubg mobile seasion 16 royal pass giveawaya

Step 4: Scroll down to Find Captcha. Once you find it just Solve it. After solving it click on the “Continue Now” Button.

pubg mobile seasion 16 royal pass giveawaya
pubg mobile seasion 16 royal pass giveawaya

Step 5: After you will click continue that will take you to a New Window. Thus, here find the Timer and wait for the timer to finish. Then after The Countdown is over and the “Get Link” button will get unlocked. Click on the “Get Link” Button.

pubg mobile giveaway
pubg mobile

Step 6: Then you will go to Giveaway Page 2. Therefore, you need to Fill in all info and click on the submit button.

Step 7: All the Steps to Enter would be on the Page. So, follow on Instagram and Subscribe to the Channel “Dark squad gaming” and also allow website notification to enter. Therefore just by following, you will be listed in our Giveaway.

RESULT of Royal Pass Giveaway

Lastly, the Winner of the Royal pass Giveaway would be announced on 17th November Live on The Instagram  Dark squad gaming. So, make sure to Follow on Instagram Winner of the competition, will receive an Email from Abhishek and all will be done live. Make sure you don’t reply to the fake user Only reply to The Real Email Id.

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