Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Update Is Here 2022:- How To Update Pubg Mobile Apk In Georgia

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Update :- PUBG, developed Tencent and Krafton Company, has received its official update version 1.9, on March 16, 2022. As a result of many features and events included in this version, it is expected to be a game-changing update because this is anniversary update lots of player update his game via Google Play Store and they can also download the PUBG 1.9 Update from the URL provided below.

Pubg Mobile V 1.9 Update Reward

Players who install the PUBG Mobile Version 1.9 update between 18th – 25th March 2022 will also receive the following rewards.

  • 3000 BP
  • 100 AG
  • Backpack Skin (3d) ×1

Information of Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Update

App NamePUBG Mobile Global Apk
DevelopersPUBG Corporation, KRAFTON
Update Date16th March 2022
File Size600+ MB
Patch NoteClick Here

How to Download Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Apk in Georgia

Pubg mobile version 1.9

To Download load Pubg Mobile apk in Georgia Follow bellow steps.

  • Download pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Apk and Obb File from below button. ( Don’t forget to join our telegram)
  • Once the Pubg Mobile APK and OBB files have been downloaded, locate them on your device.
  • Click on the APK file to launch the installation process.
  • You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device.
  • On Android 11, you can find this in Settings > Apps and notifications > Special app access > Install unknown apps.
  • Once the APK file has been installed, copy obb file and paste in Android > Obb> Com.tencent.ig
  • After completing these steps, open and enjoy PUBG Mobile latest update of version 1.9.0 You will still be required to download the maps and other assets in the game.
  • If you come across an error while installing the APK file, you should download it again and follow the steps mentioned above. ( Comment your error below)

Some Big Changes in Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Update

New Mode Vibrant Anniversary

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Official Patch Note

The 4th Anniversary Celebration themed gameplay is here! More gifts and more fun! Enjoy the Anniversary Celebration to the fullest!

Aerial Battleground

Jump into a vibrant aerial battleground and wear colored outfits. When players are hit by enemies, the head cover will grow larger and float in the sky. Players will return to the battle royale battlefield after they are eliminated. When players are hit by teammates, the head cover will shrink and return to the ground of the aerial battleground. The vibrant aerial battleground is only available in the first 5 minutes of matches, so check it out now!

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Official Patch Note

Colorful Bicycles

Pick up a folding mountain bike on the map and open it in your Backpack to use it as a one-person vehicle. This bike doesn’t need to be refueled or recharged, barely creates any noise when it is used, cannot be destroyed, and can be placed in the Backpack at any time to move quickly later.

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Official Patch Note

Classic Mode Improvements

Recall: Every player has 1 chance to return to the battlefield. Find the Recall Tower to recall eliminated teammates.

Recall Available in: Unranked Mode – Erangel, Unranked Mode – Livik, Unranked Mode – Aftermath, Ranked Mode – Erangel Vibrant Anniversary, Ranked Mode – Livik Vibrant Anniversary

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Official Patch Note

Map Improvements

Updated the bridge that leads to the Military Base in Erangel, widened the width and updated the amount of cover, and added additional walkways to the sides of the bridge to allow for more strategic depth.

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Official Patch Note

Royale Arena: Assault

Available from April 7 at 2:00 (UTC+0). In Erangel and Livik, a random area will become a 4v4 combat zone. The first team to complete the elimination goal wins. Respawn next to teammates after you are defeated. Let’s fight together!

Pubg 1.9 Patch Note
  • Supported maps: Erangel and Livik
  • How to enter: Mode Selection – Arena – Royale Arena: Assault

So Guys this is all about Pubg mobile version 1.9 Update & Apk if you like this post then don’t forget to join our telegram group for upcoming contant.

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