PUBG Mobile M15 C3S8 Tier Rewards, M16 & M15 Tier Rewards Bgmi

C3S8 Tier Rewards :- So hello guys after waiting for quite time finally C3S8 tier rewards is here, In this article we show you all C3S8 confirm tier rewards, cycle 3 rewards & also explains you release date of cycle 3 season 8. So, stay in article and read carefully to know everything.

Cycle 3 Season 8 ( C3S8 ) Release Date

Cycle 3 Season 8 released after cycle 2 Season 7 end. So firstly we wanted to know what is end date of C2S7, So according to the game mantion date C2S7 will be end on 20 September 2022 At 05:30 Am ( Ist). After the end of cycle 2 Season 7 the new cycle began So C3S8 will be released on 20 September 2022 At 07:30 Am ( Ist). Join our telegram channel if by chance any chances in date and time i will inform you.

Short Details Of Cycle 3 Season 8 Tier Rewards

Tier RankTier Rewards
BronzeSeason Token
SilverC3S8 Glasses
GoldC3S8 Set
PlatinumC3S8 Parachute
DiamondC3S8 – SKS Skin
Crown3 Rating Protection Card: 1-Time
Ace MasterC3S8 Hair
Ace DominatorC3S8 Ace Dominator Avatar
ConquerorC3S8 Conqueror Avatar Frame

These are all the rewards for different tiers. I have mentioned all the rewards from bottom to top. Now have a look at all the important rewards. For your better understanding here I’ve brought a video by which you will be able to see all the tier rewards.

M13 Pubg Mobile C3S8 Tier Rewards

So Guys you can checkout all tier rewards bellow.

C3S8 Tier Rewards ( Sliver )

C3s8 sliver tier reward

In starting of cycle rule pubg mobile & bgmi developer give a glasses as sliver tier rewards. But in c3s6 pubg mobile change sliver tier reward with class crate coupons. After doing this lots of players give his feedback then finally agin glasses came as sliver tier rewards.

C3S8 Tier Rewards ( Gold)

C3S7 Glod Tier Outfits

At Gold Tier, you have the opportunity to collect a good-looking C3S8 Set a free outfit in BGMI. The outfit looking is so Cool and very slime. This outfit can wear both of charecters.

C3S8 Tier Rewards ( Platinum )

C3s8 platinum tier reward

This season a big changes in Platinum tier rewards At platinum, In last 2 Seasons developer change platinum tier rewards agin with mask but now agin ace tier parachute will came as platinum tier reward, that show in above image.

C3S8 Diamond Tier Rewards

C3s8 demand tier gun skin

At Diamond rank, you have the opportunity to collect C3S8 SKS gun skin for free in Battlegrounds Mobile India. This is big opportunity to every player get SKS gun skin totally free only push your rank and rich daimond tier to get this skin. The C3S7 SKS free skin is the same as the parachute and printed as cycle 2 S8 and some items have been drawn over it.

C3S8 Tier Rewards ( Ace )

Bgmi C3S8 Ace Tier Reward

As usual last season we get a mask on ace tier rewards so in this season we also get a sliver and blue color mask that show in above image. This mask is looking too good but not good as parachute. What are you thinking comment bellow.

C3S8 Tier Rewards ( Ace Master)

C3S8 Ace Master tier reward

Here comes the another reward that you can collect by reaching at Ace Master, at Ace Master a free hair in black & blue color looks like a chapri cap is added this time. Reach at the Ace Master tier and collect it for free to add in your inventory.

C3S8 Ace Dominator Tier Rewards

C3S8 Tier Rewards

C3S8 Ace Dominator Avatar is waiting for you to collect at the Ace Dominator tier. The avatar is very similar C2S7 Ace Dominator Avatar, only C2s7 is replaced by C3S8 and some color replacements have been made.

C3S8 Conqueror Tier Rewards

C3s8 tier reward ( Conqueror )

Here comes the last reward at Conqueror Tier that is the C3S8 Conqueror Avatar Frame. This is not just a frame but the dream of every Battlegrounds Mobile India player. Almost every player wishes to achieve this Avatar Frame.

These are all the PUBG Mobile C3S8 Tier Rewards. Push your rank and grab these premium rewards for free of cost. Every season we get to see new rewards, so you can Bookmark This Page to get updated with future rewards also join our telegram group and don’t forget to subscribe our channel.

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