How to download pubg mobile beta v1.3, pubg mobile beta v1.3 apk link

In this article we fully guide how to download pubg mobile beta v1.3 step by step and also show some new features

Pubg mobile v1.3 new features

Season 18 themed

Season 18 themed is third anniversary this also you get third anniversary classic gameplay mode v1.3 loading screen image showing below for more information checkout our youtube channels.

New map:- Karakin

“Karakin is located on the coast of North Africa. It stretches 2 square kilometers and is dry, open, and filled with rocks. A maximum of 64 players can participate in each match.

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New Gun :- (Panzerfaust & Mosin Nagant)

  • PanzerFaust is a specially for Karakin map and it’s is a super weapon
  • The Mosin Nagant will only spawn on Erangel and Vikendi. It is a 7.62mm bolt-action sniper rifle as powerful as the Kar98K, but its bullets fly faster and lose less damage over distance. It can eliminate an unarmored target with a single shot from long distances.

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New vhacial :- Motor Glider

 “The Motor Glider will randomly spawn around Erangel and Miramar.The Motor Glider is a 2-person-vehicle that consists of a front seat for the driver and a back seat where players can use weapons as they please. To takeoff, the Motor Glider must gain enough speed, and then the driver must press the up button to raise the nose.

How to update pubg mobile beta v1.3 download

Follow the steps given below to download PUBG Mobile beta version 1.3

Step 1: Download the APK files from the links as mentioned in this post below.

For download click here.

Step 2: Go to the Settings > Safety and Privacy > Allow Installation from Unknown Sources. If you have already enabled it, you can skip this step.

Step 3: Install the APK file.

Step 6: you can enjoy playing PUBG Mobile.

For more information how to download or update checkout my YouTube channel.

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