Pubg Mobile M8 Royal Pass Rewards, Release Date ( Month 8 Rp Release Date Bgmi)

M8 Royal Pass Release Date, Reward:- Most of the players of PUBG Mobile and BGMI are always excited for the upcoming Royal Pass in the game and to increase the excitement of the players, we have come up with the complete details of Month 8 Royal Pass Reward & Release Date.

In this article, we will give you complete information about the upcoming M8 Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile and BGMI. If you want to stay updated with the upcoming information related to M8 Royal Pass then you can follow our article as we will keep updating this article with the latest information about M8 Royal Pass. At that time if you not updated pubg mobile inte latest version then Pubg Mobile apk download now.

Short Details of C2S4 M8 Timings & Date.

M8 RP Release Date? 18th February 2022 At 07:30 Am (IST)
M7 Royal Pass End Date & Lock time18th February 2022 At 05:29 Am (IST)

What Is Releasing Date Of Month 8 Royal Pass & End Date of Month 7 Rp?

As you know all once the old royal pass end then the new royal pass will came So first I tell you the End date of Month 7 ROYAL PASS according to the official Month 7 ROYAL PASS End At 18th February 2022, 05:29 Am (IST) After 2 Hour Of Rp Lock The New M8 RP Will Be Available On 18th February 2022 At 07:29 Am (IST).

Is Any Tire Reset In Month 8?

No, In Month 8 You only see new royal pass rewards and lots of new skins but no tier reset. Tier reset done when season complete so don’t worry push your Rank.

C2S4 M8 Royal Pass Rewards.

BGMI & Pubg Mobile has added a new M8 Royale pass to the game. This new M8 royal pass in BGMI comes with many benefits. These benefits are available when you purchase an M8 Royal pass in the BGMI. Bellow I Will Show You Some reward of month 8 royal pass.

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Month 8 Rp 1st & 5th Rank Rewards

M8 1st rp reward

M8 ROYAL PASS At the first rp level you get set name as Cactus Constable Set this set look like a Cactus Green Plants and this outfit for male & female both. At 1st rp you also get a Gun Skin But at that time skin name and textures not reveal we will reveal soon so subscribe our website. You will get a cap At 5th Rp Rank thats name Cactus Constable Cover you can see that cover in above image.

Month 8 Royal Pass 15 Rank Reward

At ROYAL PASS 15 rank Every player gets 3 rewards, 1st free Rp emotes that emote totally free for everyone who rech at 15 level, 2nd rewards you will get a avtar in paid rp that avtar of 50 rp outfit character look, 3rd rewards every paid rp players get a MOO MOO Ornament.

Month 8 Royal Pass 20 Rank Rewards

M8 Royal Pass

At 20 rp every paid pass players get a Granade Skin name as Moo Moo Granade this Granade look lika Full covered with cow skin and in bottom you can see cow milk point.


M8 free rp outfit

At M8 Rank 25 every free pass & paid pass players get a simple Slobby Shirt that show in above image

C2S4 Month8 Rank 30 REWARDS

At 30 Rp every free pass players get 1 discounts Vouchers & every paid pass players get 2 rewards, 1st a airplane skin that texcher and name at that time not reveal, 2nd Rewards is a paid pass emote.

M8 Free Rp Gun Skin

M8 Royal Pass free rp gun skin

Every free and paid pass get a Ump45 skin at 35 Rp This skin is full cover with golden color but maximum players not like Ump45 skin. Are you like this skin? Comment bellow.

Month 8 Rp 50 Rank Outfits

Month 8 level 50 Rp Reward

M8 Royal pass confirm 50 rp outfit first look show in above image this outfit looking so pretty and I really like this outfits concepts.

So guys this is maximum leaks that come with month 8 Royal Pass if you any doubt comment bellow and dont forget to join our telegram channel for more upcoming information.

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