Pubg M10 Royal Pass Release Date, Bgmi Month 10 Rp Rewards

M10 Royal Pass Release Date & Rewards:- Most of the players of PUBG Mobile and BGMI are always excited for the upcoming Royal Pass in the game and to increase the excitement of the players, we have come up with the complete details of Month 10 Royal Pass.

In this article, we will give you complete information about the upcoming M10 Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile and BGMI. If you want to stay updated with the upcoming information related to M10 Royal Pass then you can follow our article as we will keep updating this article with the latest information about M10 Royal Pass.

What is the M10 Royal Pass Release Date?

BGMI M9 Royal Pass is about to end soon and players are looking for more information regarding the upcoming M10 Royal Pass. The M9 Royal Pass was released on 19th March 2022 and is expected to be active for a month. The RP is expected to expire on 20th April 2021 around 5.30 Am (IST).

Price of BGMI M10 Royal Pass

There are a total of three variants of the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass M10. Players can either get the free rewards without a purchase or spend UC to unlock premium rewards. Players can purchase the PUBG Mobile Month 10 Royale Pass Elite Pass for 360 UC while the Elite Pass Plus costs 960 UC.

C2S5 Month 10 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks

BGMI has added a new M10 Royale pass to the game. This new royal pass in BGMI comes with many benefits and this royal pass theme name is Cosmic Battle. These benefits are available when you purchase an M10 Royal pass in the BGMI Or Pubg Mobile . Bellow I Will Show You Some reward of month 10 royal pass.

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  • At the 1st Rp rank of the M10 royal pass, a player will get the Pink Shelter Set. It is not anything out of the box but doesn’t look pretty bad either.Players will also get a Skorpion’s finish named Pink Shelter- Skorpion.M10 ROYAL PASS
  • Players will be given which is the headgear for the outfit players will get that RP1. The headgear and the scarf of the Pink Shelter set will be available at the RP5 rank.M10 ROYAL PASS
  • RP10 provides the players with the Pixel Bolt backpack which looks good. It is a very good match with the RP50 outfit which the players will get later on in the game.M10 ROYAL PASS Backpack
  • At RP15, players will get the avatar of the outfit they will get at RP50, they will also get a very good-looking ornament named the Raging Bomb ornament. It is a pink-colored miniature bomb that is on fire. This can be used as an accessory on backpacks.M10 ROYAL PASS EMOTES
  • At RP rank 20, players will get a good-looking frag grenade finish named Dream Butterfly grenade. It is a cute-looking grenade skin with little butterflies on it.M10 ROYAL PASS
  • At RP level 30, players will get an airplane finish named the Lush World plane finish. It is a very good-looking airplane skin. Players will also get a mythic in-game emote named Internal Chef in this RP rank. M10 ROYAL PASS
  • At the free RP level of 35, every player who reached the 35th rank of the M9 Royal Pass will get an epic M16A4 gun skin named Blue Tint. It is a great skin for every M16A4 user.M10 free rp gun skin
  • An AKM skin will be available in the 40th rank of the M9 Royal Pass. The name of the skin is Graffiti Wall. This AKM skin is one of the best available skins available in the game with brilliant textures. Gunslingers players will surely like this finish.M10 40rp Gun Skin
  • Finally, at RP50, players will get the Infernal Chef Set, whose avatar icon will be provided to the players at RP30. This outfit is one of the best RP 50 rank outfits among all ten monthly Royal Passes.M10 ROYAL PASS 50Rp Outfit

Besides, the rewards for those who buy the Royale Pass, there will also be the usual rewards for those who don’t. It includes silver, crate coupons, a free emote, an outfit, and a gun skin among other things. Players will have to claim this via ranking up in the Royal Pass by RP points, which can be achieved by completing weekly RP missions. Don’t forget to complete the missions.

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