Pubg Kr Version 2.3.0 Apk + Obb Download ( Pubg Mobile Korean Version 2.3.0 Apk)

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Pubg Kr Version 2.3.0 :- Players around the world can play the global version of PUBG Mobile by Tencent Games. In Korea and Japan, however, a separate game called PUBG Mobile KR by Krafton is available. Despite it being a separate game, the updates and features in both games are almost identical.

PUBG kr recently released its patch 2.3.0 This has brought the game’s new Football mode with brnad new POI.

Pubg kr version 2.3.0 Release Date

According to the report Pubg Mobile Version 2.3.0 update will be released on 15th November 2022 at 7:30 am and as always both version of pubg mobile and pubg kr update coming same date So Pubg kr update also came on 15th November 2022 at 7:30 am ( IST). If by chance any chances in date by officials then i will inform you in our telegram so must join telegram.

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Pubg Mobile Korean Version 2.3.0 Apk Information

 Pubg kr logo
NamePubg Mobile kr
Update15th November 2022

How To Download Pubg kr Version 2.3.0 Apk + Obb

Here are the steps to download the PUBG Mobile Kr version 2.3 via APK link.

  • Download pubg Mobile Kr Version 2.3 Apk and Obb File from below button. ( Don’t forget to join our telegram)
  • Once the Pubg kr APK and OBB files have been downloaded, locate them on your device.
  • Click on the APK file to launch the installation process.
  • You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device.
  • On Android 11, you can find this in Settings > Apps and notifications > Special app access > Install unknown apps.
  • Once the APK file has been installed, copy obb file and paste in Android > Obb> Com.tencent.ig
  • After completing these steps, open and enjoy PUBG Mobile latest update of version 2.3.0 You will still be required to download the maps and other assets in the game.
  • If you come across an error while installing the APK file, you should download it again and follow the steps mentioned above. ( Comment your error below)

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Short Patch Note Of Pubg kr Version 2.3.0

Official Aftermath Mode

Official Aftermath Mode is coming soon! Available on: 12/02/2022 at 02:00:00 (UTC+0)

  • Map updates: The map is now based on the latest version of Livik.
  • Armor Upgrades: Armor has been transformed into Improved Vests with Armor slots. Players can take League Armor and place it in their Vest.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Upgrade Boxes now appear in Aftermath. They are used to upgrade weapons and increase their damage.
  • New Energy mechanic: Energy no longer drops over time! Energy now quickly restores Health when taking damage.
  • Adjustments to Consumables: New First Aid and Energy Kits have been added. First Aid Kits now restore Health quickly and are no longer capped at 75! You can now drink Energy drinks faster to restore Energy.
  • Crates: Aftermath now has crates too! Search for crates to get valuable supplies and upgrade items.
  • New Shelters: There are 8 shelters full of guards that can be found on the map. Kill them to get lots of supplies.
  • Articulated Truck: Articulated Trucks will randomly spawn on the map. Break the lock to get supplies.
  • Medical Cabinet: Wall-mounted interactive medical device. Interact with her to recover a lot of Health.
  • Guard Posts: There are 4 Guard Posts on the map. In each match, guards and crates appear at some Guard Posts. Kill them to get supplies.
  • Towers of Return: The location of any player using a Tower of Return will be public. Players will need to defend themselves for a while to call their teammates back.
  • Store Returns: Players can spend Store Tokens to call teammates back in the store.

Nusa Map Updates

  • Crate Improvements: Crates can now spawn in more locations, so there is a higher chance of finding a crate.
  • Building Improvements: The LOD brightness of buildings in Nusa has been improved. Distant buildings are now more visible.
  • Terrain Improvements: Fixed some terrain distortion.
  • Minimap improvements: Improved PCOB minimap performance to reduce distortion.

Erangel Map Updates

  • Supply Depot: Added a special room in Erangel that requires an Access Card to enter. The room contains a lot of advanced supplies.
  • Stalber Improvements: We have reduced the complexity of some layouts to improve the Stalber region and make searching the area more agile.
  • Stalber Cable Car: Added three cable car routes to Stalber. Players can use cable cars to quickly move around the area.
  • Vehicle Radar: Added Vehicle Radar to the Supply Shop in Classic Erangel. It can be used to search for available vehicles nearby.

Livik Map Updates

  • Weather System: Added sunrise and sunset in Livik for a new visual experience.
  • Refinery Improvements: Adjusted the stage to improve the combat experience.

Other Mode Updates

  1. Payload
    • Call Back and Respawn: Adjusted the Call Back mechanic of the Tower of Return. Each player has 1 chance to respawn and can go directly to the Tower of Return to summon teammates without picking up their tag.
  2. Metro Royale
    • New Weapon: NS2000 Shotgun
    • Two new items will be sold in the shop.

Note:- These are some new changes or Feutures that comes with version 2.3 Update lots of more stuff coming soon so must join our telegram to know everything.

If you have any doubt or quarry then comment bellow, Don’t forget to subscribe our channel and join our telegram for more interesting contant.

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