Bgmi Next Premium Crate Pubg Leaks, Release Date

Next Premium Crate:- So Guys In Every Season comes 2 new premium crate and 1 custom crate. In the starting of new Seasons you can see new premium crate with lots of new skins and outfit. In this article we show You BGMI Next Premium Crate Pubg Leaks and also tell you release date. So read full article carefully.

New Premium Crate Release Date In BGMI

As i say 21st January is confirmed release date but premium crate came in pubg mobile and bgmi developer do scam with us he not give us premium crate and also remove classic crate. At that time every bgmi players want to when premium and classic release so i recommend you watch bellow mentioned video.

Next Premium Crate Release Date in Pubg

New Premium crate release after the current premium/custom crate expired So, at the current time a custom crate running and its expired date mantion as 20 January 2022 after the expired custom crate. A new premium crate release on 21st January 2022. I know lots of people intrested to open new premium crate and know what will come with upcoming premium crate.


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BGMI New / Next Premium Crate Leaks

  1. Vintage Bard Set:- New premium crate main outfit name as Vintage Bard Set and it’s a mythic set. It’s good looking set full of set fill with golden color which is increasing her beauty. If you wanted to get this set then wait and after came use free premium crate coupons or uc. Next premium crate Vintage Poet Set
  2. Vintage Bard Cover:- You can see esiliye this cover in above avtar its also a full fill with golden color and as you see this cover grab a medal on the top.
  3. Candle Guardian Set:- It’s a second mythic outfit of this premium crate and at that time only his name show in data mining his look show very soon.Next premium crate mythic outfits
  4. Golden Spring M762:- Mostly waited gun skin coming in pubg and bgmi, lots of players with this gun skin come in premium crate or other events, So players your wait is over now in naxt premium crate you can see m762 gun skin Name as Golden Spring M762 also it’s look come very soon.Golden Springs M762
  5. Fairyland helmet:- Into Next Premium Crate you also see a helmet skin name as Fairyland helmetNext Premium Crate Helmet Skin
  6. Gold teacup Ornament:- A new Ornament is also coming in new Premium Crate.
  7. Golden Spring Parachute:- As always in a premium crate a parachute coming.Next premium crate parachute skin

So Guys this all Rewards coming with new Premium Crate you can see tutorial by clicking on bellow watch now button.

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