PUBG New TDM Map Release Date ( 8vs8 New Santorini Tdm Map)

New TDM Map Release Date:- Guys 8Vs8 New Tdm Map is most liked map in beta test of version 1.8.0, So in this article we share you the new tdm map release date also show you some new features of that map.

What is the Release Date of New TDM Map Santorini?

According to sources new tdm map release on 8 February 2022. This is not official confirmed date this date is only expected date but most probably this date is 90% true. If buy chance any chance is date of Santorini map release i will inform you in our telegram so must join our telegram.

New tdm map

How To Play Tdm Map Sentroni?

For play new Santorini tdm map you must have download that map from resources then go to the map selection and select arena there you can see new tdm map Santorini now click on map icon and injoy the new tdm map.

How Many Players Play Santorini Tdm Map?

In this tdm map totally play 16 players in match. 8 players in one team and 8 players in opposite team both 8 & 8 players fight each other then who team first achieve total 80 kills win that match.

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New Fps Game hyperfront.

Lots of new things added in this map.

The idea of the Santorini map is taken from the buildings and streets of Greece which is evident from the graphics revealed by YouTubers. Unlike the usual 4v4 TDM maps, Santorini will feature a total of 16 players, 8 on each side. The mini map of Santorini looks quite large, however, only few locations are accessible.

  • Villa
  • South Street
  • Restaurant
  • Suites
  • North Street
  • Cafe
  • Central Path
  • Stairs
  • Corridor

So guys this is all about 8 vs 8 tdm map Santorini if you like this post then dont forget to subscribe our website and join our telegram for more latest news and information.

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