How To Get Free Fire Magic Cube?

I know that every free fire player, as well as YouTubers, are crazy for the free fire magic cube because with the help of the magic cube you can Easley get your favorite cloth for your character. So, here in this article, we are going to discuss how you can get the season 18 magic cube or Diwali event magic cube of the year 2020. Free fire gives free cost magic cube to their players in the event of Diwali. so stay in this article and knows everything.

What is the Magic Cube?

In Free Fire, magic cubes are like diamonds which players usually redeem for rewards and bundles. In order to earn a magic cube, normally, players will have to gather 100 magic cube fragments from lucky spins and all kinds of events. Therefore, the Magic cube is a highly sought-after item that is so hard to get. With Magic Cubes, players can purchase special items from the Magic Cube Store. These items are all special and luxury items that cannot be purchase with usual coins or diamonds.

How to get free fire magic cube?

Here a 3 Method where you get free fire magic cube

Free Fire Magic Cube
  • Via Free Fire’s events
  • With special airdrop
  • In Elite Pass

1: Via Free Fire’s events

Free Fire Magic Cube

In this Diwali you can be heard from many players that you have to complete the event then you can get the magic cube but it’s totally fake every on will only have to complete some tasks of Diwali the everyone gets the skins of the gun and emotes but for the magic cube the players will do not have to do anything you can see that in your event screen a yellow container was day by day getting fill by yellow colors. And when the container will fill 100% then on Diwali day the player will get the magic cube. There are details of how to get a magic cube.

On Diwali day if you want a magic cube without any glitch or anything other than withdrawing your magic cube at 5 am in the morning because on that day the servers are too much busy with free fire because many players will come to withdrew their prices.

2: With special airdrop

In Free Fire, there is a magic cube inside every 10rs special airdrop. You can use google balance to purchase this special airdrop. In case you don’t receive this particular type of airdrop, click here to change. Even your bank account balance can not afford this item, you can buy this special airdrop without spending any money.

3: In Elite Pass

Another way through which you can get a free magic cube is through the Elite pass. Each elite pass provides 10 cube fragments and as it requires 100 cube fragments for one magic cube, you’ll need at least 10 elite passes. You can get them for free by clicking here.

Apart from the three major ways mentioned above, players can also have chances to get Magic Cube for free by collecting 100x Magic Cube fragments from the diamond royal. To redeem the fragments into a Magic Cube, you can go shopping / Redeem / Cube Fragment to redeem the reward.

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