Bgmi / Pubg Mobile Version 2.2 Patch Note

Pubg Mobile Version 2.2 Patch Note :- So, Guys finally after a long wait pubg mobile release version 2.2.0 patch note. In this article we show you all changes and features that comes with pubg mobile version 2.2.0 Update. This patch note for all varsions of Pubg Mobile ( Pubg kr 2.2 Patch note, Pubg Vng 2.2 Patch Note Also Bgmi 2.2 Patch Note). So, stay in this article and read carefully to know everything about pubg mobile next update.

Bgmi / Pubg Mobile Version 2.2 Patch Note

PUBG MOBILE 2.2 Update Release Date

PUBG MOBILE will begin updating on September 13 at 11:00 (UTC+0) for a faster and smoother update. Please choose a suitable internet network. and check if there is enough space on your device.

Pubg Version 2.1 Update Rewards

Update the game between September 13-20 (UTC+0) to receive 3,000 BP, 100 AG and Magic Return Hat (3D).

Main update content

  • New Map – Nusa :- A new 1×1 km map with beautiful scenery. and large supply Experience the fun of fast-paced matches now!
  • Erangel update :- Added a new weather system and bike parking. Including many building updates in different areas to give you a better battle experience!
  • New Mode :- Gear Front: A new mode with 8 skills to choose from for the first time on September 29! There’s also a medieval themed area waiting for you to explore!

New Map – Nusa

Pubg mobile version 2.2 Patch Note
  • A 1×1 km map that comes with fast-paced matches!
  • Opening time: 15/09 at 02:00 (UTC+0)
  • Can be played in ranked mode and not rated
  • Nusa is a new 1×1 km map of tourist islands located in the tropics. Comes with a large supply Players can fight as soon as they land. and eat chicken easily!
  • Nusa is full of beautiful scenery. and interesting gameplay that is waiting for you to experience This is definitely a popular place to show off to your friends, try it out and explore!

New Mechanism in Nusa Map

  1. Special Callback :- If you are eliminated within the first 4 minutes of the match But there are still teammates alive. You will be able to revive and parachuting back to the battlefield with random weapons quickly (Advanced callbacks are automatically enabled when playing solo. (No teammates needed)
  2. Zipline :- Numerous ziplines have been built in designated locations in Nusa, just approach the zipline for use. and move around quickly. Remember that ziplines are very fragile. and easily destroyed! Therefore, please use it with caution. The new tactical crossbow can be used to repair ziplines, so have one for peace of mind.
  3. Elevator :- Elevators are installed at all Telepak Town hotels to move between floors. It not only saves energy. It can also be used to tactically prank your enemies along with your teammates.

New Weapons & Vehicles In Nusa Map

  1. Tactical Crossbow :- The tactical crossbow can fire a rope to repair the zipline. Or use fire arrows to set fire to the specified building.
  2. NS2000 Shotgun :- A weapon that fires accurately at medium and close ranges, uses standard 12-gauge shotgun ammunition when firing off-center and uses 12 gauge bullets to jump when aiming through the aiming center.
  3. New Vehicle: Quad :- Lightweight and maneuverable 2-seater vehicle. Can move in high and low terrain quickly. It has excellent stability and is not easily overturned. Perfect for driving around Nusa with your friends. and can move quickly through harsh terrain

In addition, there are hidden other gameplays such as PvE battles, beach balls, burnable buildings, destructible wells, and much more just waiting for you to explore.

A new map with a new experience that should not be missed!

Major Update – Erangel

Updated maps and buildings to enhance your battle experience!, Opening hours: Open with version 2.2. Can be played in ranked mode.

  •  New Building: Bicycle Parking :- Bicycle parking has been added to the edge of the map. Mountain bikes appear here periodically. Players who like to find gear should definitely not miss the opportunity to travel the map in this 2-wheel vehicle!New bicycle stand in Erangel
  • Update Hospital and Mylta Power :- Updated Hospital and Mylta Power structures to improve combat and supply search.
  • The Ferry Pier update has added two new piers southwest of Farm and south of Sosnovka Military Base.
  • Improved port layout and resource count. By adding more open space for players to find equipment.
  • New weather: Rainbow :- New weather effects for Erangel for more beautiful scenery. and provide a battleground that is worthy of you.
  • New Mechanism: Quick Shop :- A discount store will appear in Erangel from time to time. Don’t miss it!
  • New system: Gas Station :- No more worrying about running out of fuel! You can now refuel vehicles at gas stations in Erangel, eliminating all fuel issues. and had to abandon the vehicle Of course, everything costs money, so be sure to prepare enough!
  • New system: Target Supply Box :- Updated internal boxes at Erangel to include 3 types: Pills, Tokens, and War Supplies. The supplies in these boxes are better than the supplies that players find on the ground.

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Theme Mode – Gear Front

  • Eight skills await you in the new Gear Front mode!
  • Supported maps: Nusa (Ranked), Erangel (Ranked), Livik (Ranked).
  • Opening hours: 29/09 time 02:00 – 14/11 time 23:59 (UTC+0)
Pubg Version 2.2 new mode

New skills with new gameplay And who will be the winner?!

  1. Play Zone Analysis: Tap a skill to display the location of the next playing zone on the minimap.
  2. Vehicle Airdrop: Tap a skill and throw a beacon to summon a vehicle airdrop.
  3. Find Supply: Tap a skill to scan nearby high-level supplies for 15 seconds.
  4. Wind-up doll: Tap the jump button while in mid-air to summon the doll. and use gliding to increase the ease of movement
  5. Black Market: Tap, hold and drag to call up a shop within a match for quick purchases.
  6. Trace: Enemies hit will be marked for a certain period of time. during which they will be able to see them through the wall.
  7. Lucky Shoulder Bag: Change the items in the shoulder bag to another item. including increasing the initial capacity of the shoulder bag
  8. Smoke Regeneration: Use a skill to throw a special potion that causes smoke. Able to restore health and stamina.

European-themed area – Weird Village

  • Supported Maps: Erangel (Ranked)
  • Opening hours: 29/09 time 02:00 – 14/11 time 23:59 (UTC+0)

When entering a strange village not only to experience a European-style village but also admire the moon and stars in the night sky In the village, there are 2 more usable Andy balloons that can be unlocked. and take a balloon ride to travel to other locations quickly

Welcoming Halloweeks, visiting this strange village on October 13th! Looking forward to following!

Balance of firearms

Airdrop weapon balance improvements:

  1. AUG: Increases base damage, fire speed. and reload speed Reduced projectile dispersion when firing off-center.
  2. Mk14: Slightly reduced firing speed. Increase projectile movement speed Reduced firearm damage reduction. Slightly lower recoil Added firing speed compensation for the Mk14. Mk14 now has a similar firing speed when firing automatically as the Mk14 in various client frame rates.

Improved balance of DMR guns:

SKS :-

  1. Reduce the recoil time of each shot. so that the aiming target quickly returns to its original position
  2. Increase recoil recovery speed to bring aiming closer to the direction of fire when restoring its original position. This allows for a more predictable return position of the aiming target.
  3. Reduced screen shake when firing with reticle.
  4. Increase base damage from 53 to 55.
  5. Increased torso damage multiplier from 1 to 1.05.

Mini14 :-

  1. Slightly lower the horizontal recoil multiplier to reduce the chance of shifting.
  2. Reduced overall recoil increase when firing continuously.
  3. Increase base damage from 46 to 49.
  4. Increased torso damage multiplier from 1 to 1.05.

New Season: Cycle 3 Season 8

Pubg new season cycle 3 Season 8
  • Season Duration: 20/09/2022 Time 02:00 – 18/11/2022 Time 23:59 (UTC+0)
  • New Legendary Rewards: C3S8 Goggles, C3S8 Outfit, C3S8 Parachute, C3S8 – SKS, C3S8 Mask, and C3S8 Helmet.
  • Added sub-levels of Ace tier and above, every 100 points is 1 sub-level, and players can collect stars.
  •  Added titles for Ace Master level and above. Titles are determined by current season information. and will be displayed throughout the game.
  • Improved level stamp display. and design a new stamp page.

Metro Royale

  • Increased penetration resistance of Cobra helmets and shields. Slightly reduced damage from explosions of M203 grenade launchers.
  • Added a new feature that players will receive constant damage when outside the normal battle zone.
  • Fixed a bug where advanced skills would malfunction in certain situations.

Cheer Park

  • Cheer Park can now accommodate 40 players. The more people, the more fun!
  • Players can sit on chairs in Cheer Park to enter chat directly.
  • Gift centers are now divided into requested gifts. and gifts sent
  • BP messages from friends will no longer be automatically deleted after receiving.
  • Players can add new friends. or start chatting with friends directly from the Message Center.

So Guys this is all about Bgmi / Pubg Mobile Version 2.2 Patch Note if you wanted to know more then checkout our youtube channel and don’t forget to join our telegram. Comment your favorite features.

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