Bgmi / Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note, Release Date, Rewards

Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note:- Tencent and Krafton Company PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Officially going to release Version 2.0 May 2022 update. This update going to be a game-changing update as it is coming with tons of Features and Events. In this article we share you Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note read carefully full article to knows everything.

Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Update Release Date

PUBG Mobile VERSION 2.0 update will be released on 11th May 2022. If by chance the date is exceeding then I will inform you in our telegram so must join telegram. Bgmi version 1.9 Update will be released on 13th May 2022.

Short Patch Note Of Bgmi / Pubg Mobile Version 2.0

  • Map Updates:- Livik Official Version:- There will be several areas in the Livik 2.0 map in PUBG Mobile, for players to enjoy and explore the map. With new themed areas, such as different architectures and layouts, players will change their tactics or strategies from before and take advantage of the available terrain to win.

New Gameplay And Features

There are going to be tons of new gameplay-based features incorporated into Livik

  • New Vehicle :- ALL-Terrain UTV:-In this latest update, there is a new vehicle called the all-terrain UTV. As the name implies, this vehicle can traverse all terrains such as mountains, hills, roads, and urban alleys present in Livik 2.0. Also, this vehicle can accommodate as many as 4 people.
  • New Advance Supply Zone:- However, this zone contains a lot of supplies, many players will come to this zone, because they also need supplies to continue until the end of the game. If you are a player with a playing style that dares to fight risk and likes to fight many players at once, then this zone is perfect for you. This zone specially for livik official version.Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note
  • New Loot Box:-Apart from the advanced zone supply, you can also get weapons and other supplies from the plethora of crates, you can find them through the mini map that has been provided, making it easier for players to get them.Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note
  • Zipline Added In Livik :- By using a zipline, you can traverse from one place to another by hanging on the zipline.Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note
  • New Berry Hunt Plant:- If your health points decrease, you can restore them by eating the available berries, so you don’t need to use bandages or other boosts.This plant only added in Livik Official Version.
  • Soccer Challenge: A soccer pitch has been incorporated into Blomster, and individuals can score goals to earn items.

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Classic BR Improvements

  • New Emergency Pickup:-When outside the play zone, users will be able to call for an emergency pickup to get a rescue airplane that will drop them into the middle of the play zone.
  • New Battle Royale arena Map:- An arena version of the Sanhok map will be added, helping users get used to gunfights.

Security Update:- Ban Pan 2.0

In 2022, the Ban Pan Security System will be receiving significant changes, and the Ban Pan Security System 2.0 will be introduced in the PUBG Mobile 2.0 update. It will feature numerous security features like linking a mobile number. The developers will also provide smarter and faster anti-cheating measures.

The three main highlights of the Ban Pan Security System 2.0 will be:

  • New anti-cheat features
  • Security review function
  • Improved player experience

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New Collaborations

Krafton has also revealed collaborations with Evangelion, GB Teddy Bear, and BLACKPINK. The specifics are yet to be disclosed, but they will likely be announced in the coming months.

Apart from the changes mentioned above, the developers also revealed the new P.D.P. (Ptopia Design Project) in the video.

Note::- This is not official Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note, official Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note coming on 8th may 2022.

So Guys this is shots details of Pubg Mobile Version 2.0 Patch Note if you wanted to know more then checkout our youtube channel and don’t forget to join our telegram. Comment your favorite features

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