Bgmi / Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Patch Note, Release Date, Rewards

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Patch Note:- Tencent and Krafton Company PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Officially going to release Version 1.9 march 2022 update. This update going to be a game-changing update as it is coming with tons of Features and Events. In this article we share you pubg mobile version 1.9 ptach note read carefully full article to knows everything.

Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Update Release Date

PUBG Mobile VERSION 1.9 update will be released on 16th march 2022. If by chance the date is exceeding then I will inform you in our telegram so must join telegram. Bgmi version 1.9 Update will be released on 18th March 2022.


V1.9 beta Download link

Supply crate release date in bgmi

C2S5 Tier Rewards

Short Patch Note Of Bgmi / Pubg Mobile Version 1.9

  • Royale Arena: Assault (New Mode) :- This mode coming in arena section and it’s size 200 × 200 miter combat zone. Players can play this mode in two maps livik and erangle. The Playzone appears randomly and different areas in maps that can suddenly become combat zones. This will let everyone adapt to this situation. Total 8 players play in one match 4 in our team and 4 in enemies team like tdm mode which team complete first 40 kills that team win that match. New assault Arena mode
  • 4th Anniversary Mode :- The new Anniversary mode will be introducing with two old mode combination of ancient secret mode & frozen this 2 mode modified with 4th Anniversary mode to watch that mode click here watch now. Pubg mobile version 1.9 Anniversary mode
  • New Bicycle ( New Vehicle) :- Bicycle is yet another vehicle that coming to the new PUBG Mobile Version 1.9 the bicycle is spread in the maps as a pickable and storable item that can then be unfolded anywhere you want. This vehicle costs no fuel and while not as fast as a Dasia, it can still provide a speed decent enough to help you reach the zone before the timer. The Bicycle is already available in the PC version of PUBG and beta version is a nice addition to the game overall.New mountain bike
  • Web shooter:- Web Shooter is one of the most interesting equipment in game, every players like to play with web shooter, by using of web shooter lots of tips and trick done by user and thats are so injoy able. To a ee this Krafton decided to give back web shooter on this 4th Anniversary mode. So players can play 4th Anniversary mode and go on 4th Anniversary POI if he need web shooter, only 2 web shooter spon in one match of erangel.
  • Cheer Park 2.0 :- After a long time Pubg Mobile change his cheer park, new cheer park is Updated with a new environment. Added racing gameplay with support for two-player racing and a variety of different vehicles to choose from.Pubg mobile version 1.9 cheer park
  • Bridge Upgrade :- In version 1.9 pubg mobile and bgmi developer going to change erangel bridge. In Erangel map their are two bridges and both of bridge upgrade like Pubg pc added lots of boxes, new path and more things thats are too injoyable.
  • Recall Tower :- Lots of player injoy playing with recall tower so at version 1.9 Update recall is also available, hope every players injoy.
  • New Clan Ui:- In Version 1.9 Update to provide smooth gaming experience developer going to do some changes in clan UI.

So Guys this is shots details of Pubg Mobile Version 1.9 Ptach Note if you wanted to know more then checkout our youtube channel and don’t forget to join our telegram. Comment your favorite features.

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