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Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.3.0 :- So Guys Finally Bgmi & PUBG Mobile Beta Apk Version 2.3 in now out with lots of new things. In this article we show you some new rewards and features that comes with new update and also tech you how to download pubg mobile version 2.3.0 beta steps by step read full article carefully to know everything.

Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.3 Apk Information

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Apk NamePubg Mobile Beta Apk
DeveloperTencent & Krafton
Update19th Oct, 2022
ChangesClick here

How To Download Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.3 update

  • Download PUBG Mobile Version 2.3 Beta Apk File from below button. ( Don’t forget to join our telegram)
  • Once the Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.3 APK files have been downloaded, locate them on your device.
  • Click on the APK file to launch the installation process.
  • You may need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device.
  • On Android 11, you can find this in Settings > Apps and notifications > Special app access > Install unknown apps.
  • Once the APK file has been installed.
  • After completing these steps, open and enjoy PUBG Mobile  beta latest update of version 2.3 You will still be required to download the maps and other assets in the game.
  • Now you can injoy PUBG Mobile Version 2.3 Beta New Features.
  • If you come across an error while installing the APK file, you should download it again and follow the steps mentioned above. ( Comment your error below)

How To Get Pubg Mobile Beta Invition Code

After installing the Global Version of PUBG then you need to follow the below step to get official access to all upcoming EVENTS & Updates. Note below mentioned steps will be applicable for all BGMI Update, Pubg Mobile Beta 2.0 Update, 2.2 Update or so on.

These options are mostly YouTubers use to get early access to all upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India Updates. So follow below some easy steps:

  • Step 1: Open PUBG Mobile Global Version and Go to Event Section.Pubg mobile beta
  • Step 2: Now under the “RECOMMENDED” section you will get Beta Test Invitation option on right sidePubg beta version 2.3
  • Simply click on the ” GET IT” button and you will be redirected to the new browser where you can get Generate CODE button. This code helps you to activate your BGMI Beta Version Game to play Game.Pubg beta generate code
  • Now open BGMI 2.2 Update Beta Version APK File that you can get from anywhere just search on Google. After opening PUBG Global Beta Version the POP-UP window appears on your screen like mentioned below
  • Enter Generate Invitation code from Global PUBG Game then, click on OK Button. Enjoy BGMI Latest Updates and explore all Features.

Whats New In Pubg Mobile Beta Version 2.3

  1. Aftermath 2.0
    • Map Update: It is now based on the latest Livik map.
    • Armor Upgrades: Armor has been upgraded into enhanced Vests with Armor slots. Players can pick up Armor pieces from the map and use them to enhance their Vest.
    • Firearm Upgrades: Upgrade Crates now spawn in Aftermath. These can be used to upgrade firearms and increase their damage.
    • New Energy Mechanics: Energy no longer drops over time! It will be used to quickly replenish Health after taking damage.
    • Consumables Adjustments: New First Aid Kits and Energy Drinks have been added. First Aid Kits now quickly restore Health which is no longer capped at 75! Energy Drinks can now be drunk more quickly to restore Energy.
    • Crates: Aftermath also has crates now! Search for crates to get valuable supplies and upgrade items.
    • New Bunkers: There are a total of 8 Bunkers on the map. Each Bunker has military supplies and guards that will protect the supplies at all costs.
    • Treasure Maps: Randomly find Treasure Maps throughout the map. Use them to mark the location of a crate on the mini-map.
    • Semi Truck: Semi Trucks will spawn randomly. Break the lock to get great supplies.
    • Medicine Cabinet: This is an interactive medical device that is mounted on the wall. Interact with it to recover lots of Health.
    • Guard Posts: There are 4 Guard Posts on the map. Guards and crates will spawn at some Guard Posts in each match. Defeat them to get supplies.
    • Recall Towers: The location of any player who is using a Recall Tower will now be made public. Players will need to defend for a period of time to recall teammates.
    • Shop Recall: Spend Shop Tokens to recall teammates!
  2. Limited Preview of Football Themed Mode (Maps: Erangel, Livik, Nusa)
    • New Tactical Item- Golden Shoes: Pick up and use this item to get a sprint and speed boost effect. This item can also be activated again while active for a pass opponent maneuver.
    • New Throwable – Football: Kick the ball to an opponent’s feet with a curved kick. After a short delay, enemies within a certain range will be sucked towards where the ball lands.
  3. New Themed Area – Football Carnival:
    • The mine pit area of Erangel has been upgraded with a new Football Carnival environment.
    • Here, players can experience the characteristics of a Middle Eastern-style urban area full of supplies and special themed items.
    • Football Carnival also has a treasury with a timer. After a certain amount of time, the treasury will open, and players will be able to compete for even better supplies in the treasury.
    • Launchers will available around Football Carnival for a limited time.
    • A Respawn Card will spawn in the urban area. After picking up this item, players who are eliminated in Football Carnival will be given a chance to respawn and jump back to the battleground.
  4. Football Air Drops: All Flare Guns will be replaced with Football Air Drop Guns. The football air drop will appear in the shape of a football and can be pushed around like a ball by players.
  5. Football Cover: Medium-sized cover in the form of footballs will appear randomly on Erangel. These can be pushed around by players, have a certain amount of Health, and will explode after taking a certain amount of damage.
  6. Football-themed Spawn Island: Spawn Island will be redecorated with a football theme.

(Note: Content in the beta test is subject to change before the final release.)

So Guys this is all about Pubg mobile Beta version 2.3 Apk Update & if you like this post then don’t forget to bookmark our website and join our telegram group for upcoming contant.

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