BGMI M5 Royal Pass Release Date, Reward Leaks ( Pubg Mobile)

M5 Royal Pass:- Most of the players of PUBG Mobile and BGMI are always excited for the upcoming Royal Pass in the game and to increase the excitement of the players, we have come up with the complete details of Month 5 Royal Pass.

In this article, we will give you complete information about the upcoming M5 Royal Pass for PUBG Mobile and BGMI. If you want to stay updated with the upcoming information related to M5 Royal Pass then you can follow our article as we will keep updating this article with the latest information about M5 Royal Pass.

Month 5 Royal Pass lekes

What is the M5 Royal Pass Release Date?

As you know all once the old royal pass end then the new royal pass will came So first I tell you the End date of Month 4 ROYAL PASS according to the official Month 4 ROYAL PASS End At 19th November, 2021, 05:29 Am (IST) After 2 Hour Of Rp Lock The New M5 RP And C1S2 Will Be Available On 19th November, 2021 At 07:29 Am (IST) And Also Rank Push Started Same Time.

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C1S3 Month 5 Royal Pass Rewards Leaks

BGMI has added a new M5 Royale pass to the game. This new M5 royal pass in BGMI comes with many benefits. These benefits are available when you purchase an M5 Royal pass in the BGMI. Bellow I Will Show You Some reward of month 5 royal pass.

Month 5 Royal Pass Helmet Skin

M5 Royal Pass-Helmet-Skin

You can get the helmet skin seen in the image above in the paid RP reward. The combination of red and black color is also seen in the skin of this helmet

Month 5 Royal Pass Pistol Skin

Month 5 Royal Pass Pistol Skin

In the free RP rewards of M5 Royal pass, we can get to see the skin of a great pistol which you can see in the image above. In this skin we get to see the combination of all three colors Red, Black, and Gold.

Month 5 Royal Pass AKM Gun Skin

M5 Royal Pass

According to the leaks, we can get to see the skin of the AKM Gun in the M5 Royal Pass, which you can see in the image above. Although this skin has already arrived in the halloween crate, but still this skin looks great in appearance.

New backpack

M5 Royal pass now includes a fresh new backpack. Each of the three bags (level 1 backpack, level 2 backpack, and level 3 backpack) is violet in color. You may see the picture for more details.

Parachute skin

M5 royal pass now includes a violet-colored parachute. The parachute text is Z0, which looks fantastic on the violet background. This parachute is obtained via promotion to higher RPs. All of these prizes have one thing in common: the majority of them have the same color. This implies that the BGMI M5 Royal Pass Rewards and Skins is mostly violet in color.

Note:- This information of M5 Royal Pass is based on news and leaks, for this reason, its authentication cannot be confirmed Once the confirmed reward came I will show you on my YouTube or telegram so must join telegram or subscribe youtube channel.

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